Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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By: Martha Alderson

I write a lot about how the obstacles and antagonists your character meets in the middle of your novel, memoir, screenplay on the way to her goal often mirror the obstacles you meet in your life on your way to your goal of finishing your story.

Shadow obstacles like fear, resistance, anger, negative thinking, blame, shame, frustration, interfering and uncooperative people and situations, difficult tasks, ignorance, naiveté and conflicting beliefs represent lessons and challenges both you and your story character are expected to meet, overcome and learn from in preparation for the gift of your goal.

These obstacles and antagonists are called shadow obstacles because the meaning of their true nature is hidden, often buried and out of reach. Shadow obstacles represent the dark and repressed parts of your character and yourself you must face and overcome to succeed.

When you lose energy for your story. . .

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