Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: James Chartrand

There are eight million posts on how to write a great headline, how to write a fantastic call to action, and how to write a good blog post.

We’ll even tell you how to write shorter sentences, snappier copy and better ebooks.

But you know what none of us tell you?

How to write the actual content.

It’s not enough to create killer headlines or spectacular introductions. Content that’s worth reading, sharing, and coming back to isn’t about how it starts or ends, but rather how it unfolds.

In other words, great content comes from knowing how to write great paragraphs.

But that isn’t sexy!

I know, I know. Paragraphs aren’t glamorous at all. No one cares about the poor things, regardless of how essential they are. They’re not a cool hack or snazzy technique, and there’s no app for them.

Great paragraphs come from plain, old-fashioned grammar school. How lame is that?

Here’s why a seamless paragraph matters so much to your writing.

. . .

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