Thursday, December 24, 2015

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By: Bookbaby Blog

Copy editing is the process of revising and correcting your written material to make it the best it can be.

Copy can be about any topic and come in any form, from manuscripts to essays to material for a website. Regardless of the topic of a piece of text, a good copy editor has the expertise to find and correct errors in spelling, grammar, continuity, flow, and punctuation.

In order to understand exactly what needs to be done to improve your writing, a copy editor will ask the following questions:

1) Who is the intended audience?

The copy editor will ensure that the work is suitable for the intended readers of the text. By knowing who will read the piece, the copy editor can confirm that the writing is easy to understand.

2) What is the purpose or intended effect of the work?

Understanding the purpose of the work will enable the copy editor to ensure that the intended meaning comes across clearly and concisely.

3) Is the length appropriate for the audience and media?

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