Sunday, November 22, 2015

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By: Carla King

For writers, author brand is predominantly about your “voice,” but the experience you deliver to readers can be applied to your photo, book cover, website, and more.

Part of promoting your book and career as a self-published author is creating a public persona, including identifying images, graphics, words, and photographs that work in harmony with your author voice. The ideal time to start this process is years in advance, but it’s never too late. The path to developing your author brand includes the following steps:
  • Understanding what “branding” means
  • Creating the elements of your artist brand
  • Writing your author bio
  • Taking an author photo

What “branding” means

Your author brand is a big part of your author platform. It defines the way people perceive you in the marketplace. Most authors don’t think of brand at all, but creating and leveraging your brand can help you market yourself and your books.

For writers, when we talk about author brand we’re mostly talking about “voice.” Each of us offers a unique experience to readers. But the emotional experience you deliver to readers can also be applied to visuals like your author photo, book covers, and website.

Brand is subjective and elusive and it appears everywhere: in your writing, on your website, on your book covers, and it even extends to your hair and clothes, your house and the car you drive. I struggle with brand – there’s my adventure travel writer persona and there’s my self-publishing geek persona. Which one is me? Well, that’s why I have two websites. Brand is style and, like many authors, I find that I cannot reconcile the two in one place.

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