Saturday, November 21, 2015

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By: Mandy Wallace

Admit it. Plotting a novel can be a bitch. You start down the path all plucky and excited to translate your beautiful novel onto the page, and what happens? Characters fall flat. Tension fizzles out. Scenes go nowhere. And climax ideas feel, well, anticlimactic.

Pretty soon the cursor on your screen has been blinking so long you’d swear it’s trying to hypnotize you into some plot-devoid pit of despair.

That’s why it pays to have a few plot tools like these in your back pocket.

Last week, we covered three renowned novelists’ trust-your-writing plot tips from the online writing course through University of Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop, How Writers Write Fiction.

Get caught up if you missed them. They’re definitely worth the look, especially if you prefer a more organic—or what some would call the “panster”—approach to writing.

Today, though, we’re covering plot tips for planners. Outline-lovers. Structure-o-philes. Whatever we call ourselves. These plot tools—from How Writers Write Fiction lecturer,Bruce Elgin—will feel like the writers tool belt for anyone who gets the willies from hitting the blank page unprepared.

Even if you love the panster approach (it’s my go-to for short and flash fiction writing), these tools may save your story next time you’re stuck. Hey, we’re all writers here. Getting stuck happens.

What I loved best about Elgin’s lecture on writing and plot is that, like last week’s novelist lineup, he says it’s important to trust you’re writing. But then he hands over a ton of great tools to help you get unstuck anyway.

Here are some of my favorites.

Unstick Your Plot Tool #1: Define Character Desire vs Need

. . .

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