Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Mia Botha

The end is near...

Ending your story is often harder than starting it. You’ve made plenty of promises you have to keep. Let’s be honest. The most annoying / irritating / brilliant / devastating / terrifying / awesome thing about fiction is that anything, yes ANYTHING, can happen. I am a great advocate of ‘know your ending’, but keeping in mind that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Here are some points to consider when you are planning the end:
  1. Don’t screw it up. Ha-ha. Yes, it is an actual rule. There is nothing worse than spending 300 pages with an author only to feel robbed.  We tend to spend hours, days, even months constructing the first part of our novel, but we tend to rush the ending. We want to ‘get it done’ or our deadline catches up with us then some of the careful planning gets lost.
  2. Do not introduce a convenient clue at the last minute. Set it up properly by going back to the beginning. If you can’t introduce the saving element sooner, can it. You need to find something that is already in the story to make it work.  
  3. Your hero needs to be the hero. This is actually an important rule for writing kids' books. Do not let an adult save the kid. The kid must save himself. The same goes for adult stories. Do not introduce some magic new character ¾ in to your story to save your hero. Once again, go back to the beginning. Your protagonist must get him/herself out of trouble.
  4. Theme and symbology. 

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