Monday, September 14, 2015

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By: Author Marketing Experts, Editor

Newsletters seem very 1990’s don’t they? They don’t have the flash of “new media” or the shimmer of a shiny new social media site just waiting to be discovered. What they do have, however, is visibility. In some cases, more visibility than you’re getting on all of your social media sites combined.

I speak at a lot of writer events and in the last year, the buzz has really increased around the need for a newsletter. Why? Well, Facebook has declined in reach; in some cases only 1% of your posts reach your fans. If you’re not paying for placement on Facebook, it’s very likely your stuff isn’t being seen. With everyone on sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter (which also will start monetizing posts) it’s really hard to get your audiences’ attention.

If used correctly, newsletters can be a great way to get your message out there, offer helpful advice, keep people in your marketing funnel, or simply remind them of who you are. We’ve had our newsletter for fourteen years, and it’s been a solid way to stay in front of our audience; educate them about their market; and what we do as a company. Candidly, I would consider getting rid of a lot of things, but never our newsletter. It’s often the single biggest business driver to our company. It’s not easy, it requires work, but the rewards are tremendous.

Here’s how you can make your newsletter work for you:

Good newsletters:
  • Don’t have to be long: Some authors use their newsletter to “check-in” with their audience with a brief (500 word) update. Your market will dictate how long or short your newsletter should be.
  • Are consistent, professional, and on point: . . .

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P.S. I’m doing a series of answers to readers’ questions on my FaceBook page. Stop by and discover which of my books have my favorite characters, scenes, incidents, etc. Today's question is: “In my three books, what is my favorite incident.” 

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