Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Jeff Goins

“If you don’t like my book, I’ll buy it back from you.”

That’s what I tell every single negative Amazon review I’ve ever responded to.

If you bought a car and it didn’t work right, you’d bring it back to the dealership. If you bought a cell phone, and it didn’t do all the amazing things the ad said it would do, you’d want a refund. Right?

So why don’t authors do this with their books when people don’t like them?

I would never want someone to keep a book that didn’t live up to the promises I made as the author. Which is why I tell people, “If you buy one of my books and don’t love it, send me your Paypal address, and I’ll pay you back..” I’d rather get the book into the hands of someone who might love it.

Yes, this is a little risky, but I think every author should do this. Why not give your readers the kind of guarantee they deserve? If you don’t love this book, I’ll give you your money back. Do you really want to make a royalty off someone who doesn’t love your work? That just seems wrong.

Offering dissatisfied readers a refund just makes sense. Here’s why:

. . .

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