Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Jessica White

One of my favorite parts of writing is creating characters.  As a reader nothing makes me fall into a story faster than falling in love with a character.  It’s like meeting a new neighbor or making a new friend.  Even the antagonists are interesting to meet from the safety of my mind. I love watching them grow in depth and complexity, learning their quirks, hobbies, backstories, and what makes them tick.  You can tell the exact same plot line from a million points of view, and each time it will be a different story, because each character will make different decisions.

For many writers a character begins a bit preconceived.  You’ll know something distinct about how they look, their gender, age, and maybe one or two characteristics about them.  That first glimpse is the same information you’d get saying hello to the cashier at the supermarket or the lady waiting next to you in line.  In real life, we know that in that brief encounter we can only make assumptions about who they are from what they’re wearing or how they speak. Yet that is often all we give the reader to go on when we don’t dig deeper into getting to know our characters

So how do you get to know your character better? 

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