Sunday, October 19, 2014

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By: BookMarketingBuzzBlog

When you send an email, shoot off a press release, or phone the media in pursuit of getting coverage for your book or story, do you have a compelling opening statement, one that draws them in and shouts “read me, listen to me”? If not, start over until you do, because if you can’t capture their interest in the first 100 words or 15-second introduction you will have lost an opportunity.

Will your opening use any of the following tools?
  • Humor
  • Accusation
  • Question
  • Startling Fact
  • An Announcement
  • A Promise
  • A Plea For Help
  • A Demand For Change/Action
  • An Offer or Gift
There are many, many ways to begin a dialogue, but the key is to remember you don’t have a lot of opportunity beyond the opening to convince others to keep paying attention.  If you think you have something amazing to say, don’t wait – tell it up front.

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