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Spotlighting The Shadow Blog Tour with Rhani D'Chae

Hello, and welcome to the 'SPOTLIGHTING THE SHADOW' Blog Tour. My name is Rhani D'Chae, and I am the author of Shadow of the Drill, a revenge thriller. Shadow is my first published novel and has been on Amazon for about nine months. During that time I connected with Rave Reviews Book Club, and have been overwhelmed by the support that I, as a fledgling author, have received from them. They're an awesome group of people and I'm so glad that I connected with them.

Shadow of the Drill is the story of a man (Decker), whose life was drastically altered by a random act of violence that tore his world apart and changed him from an unproven young street tough into a man on a mission of revenge.  Please enjoy a brief excerpt from the book:


She blushed, unable to speak. His nearness affected her as strongly as ever, and the knowledge that he would offer marriage to keep her, was a strong aphrodisiac. But then his arm encircled her waist, and she tensed as she remembered the image of her body in the bathroom mirror after her shower earlier in the day. It was not a flattering picture, and she pulled away, embarrassed to be seen without the comforting camouflage of her clothes.

“Char?” He looked into her eyes with genuine concern. “Are you okay? Did you change your mind?”

She shrugged, looking away while tears of shame gathered behind her emerald eyes. “I’m sorry, Deck. It’s just . . .” Her voice trailed off as she involuntarily compared herself to Tawnee’s youthful perfection, but then her irritation at the way older women were so easily overlooked, caused her to speak bluntly.

“I’m fat, Deck. I’ve gained at least fifteen pounds since the last time you saw me naked. And I was no petite flower then.” She paused, thinking that he might jump in, but he said nothing, allowing her the time to say what she needed to say.

“Look, Deck . . . I know what kind of girls you like. I’ve seen ’em come, and I’ve seen ’em go, and they’re all the same. Young, drop-dead fucking gorgeous, and . . . thin. Like I used to be.” She smiled bitterly, hating the cruelty of time. “Like I’m not anymore.” She fell silent, waiting for his nod of reluctant agreement and subsequent dismissal, but his actual response was completely unexpected.

Hearty laughter burst forth as he realized that, beneath her tough-as-nails attitude, she was as insecure as any other woman when it came to the way that her body looked. “Char,” he said when the laughter had passed, “do you honestly think I care about a few extra pounds? Do you think I even noticed?”

She stared at him in disbelief and he shrugged, wondering if the truth would be enough for her.

“Char, fat or thin, you’re a beautiful woman, but . . . you’re so much more than that. So much more. You’re patient, you have a sense of humor that I actually get, you let me be who I am, and you have a crazy kind of intelligence that’s almost impossible to find in people today. Add it all up, and it’s sexy as hell. And . . .” He winked, knowing that she was seconds from believing. “If that’s not enough, you challenge me. Constantly. No matter what, even when we’re barely speaking, you challenge me. So . . . that’s what I see when I look at you. That’s what I see.”

She wanted to trust him, wanted to believe, but it was hard to push past her insecurities regardless of what he had said. But then his fingers gripped her hair while his lips captured hers in a passionate kiss, and suddenly the belief was there.
Thank you all so much for allowing me to share a bit of my journey with you today.  To follow the rest of my tour, please visit 4WillsPublishing.  Katherine, you were a great host and thank you so much for having me!

RHANI D. CHAE has always been an avid reader.  She enjoys chatting with readers and fellow writers via social networking sites and loves getting comments and other input from those who have read her work.  So, please don't leave without sharing your comments.

"SHADOW OF THE DRILL" by Rhani D. Chae 

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