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By: Writer’s Relief Staff

If you have written a book or novel, you’ll want to be sure that it meets the basic criteria of book publishers and literary agents. Follow the rules of genre fiction (whether it’s romance, Western, thriller, fantasy, historical, sci-fi, or horror), and you are more likely to get your book published.

The Rules Of Genre Fiction

Genre fiction refers to books that are published widely for popular appeal. Publishers tend to place high value on these books, especially when a writer shows a palpable enthusiasm for his or her particular genre. Usually, genre books are published in the smaller, mass-market book size.

Genre writing is all about crafting great stories that appeal to a distinct audience with particular preferences. Do your research and learn what is expected from your genre. Read widely in your genre. Join a creative writers’ group. Research recommended book lengths and what publishers are buying—and not buying. Again, you don’t have to be a slave to the standards, but—as with grammar and punctuation—a professional writer must know the rules in order to effectively break them.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the information below is an overview of generalized genre guidelines: Always research information about your specific project for the best results.

The Rules Of Romance Genre Novels . . .

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