Saturday, March 22, 2014

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By: Ava Jae

Once upon a time I wrote a post on how to avoid writing info dumps, and while I discussed the importance of sprinkling information gradually over the course of a MS, I didn’t really cover the how as far as spreading out said information goes.

So here we are.

Revealing history and/or background information in your WIP can be tricky—if you reveal too much at once, it’s an info dump, but if you don’t reveal enough, readers may be left with a lot of questions, or the world of your novel may come off as flat and unfinished. The right amount is somewhere in between, and oftentimes it takes quite a bit of tweaking to get it right.

The good news is there are several methods that you can use to sprinkle in whatever information you need to convey without dumping it all at once:

. . .

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