Thursday, December 19, 2013

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By: K.M. Weiland

I’m totally a fan of in-jokes, the little nods to shared knowledge or experiences that make those in the know feel just a little extra awesome for being able to pick up on what’s going on. This is something authors can take advantage of, especially in series, in which we can stick in little references to other aspects of our characters or stories. Devoted readers are delighted to pick up on these references because it feels as if the author is giving them a little wink of comradeship.

But you got to know this can be taken way too far way too easily. The moment your in-jokes or references become too author-centric, that’s a clear sign that you’re about to yank your readers out of their suspension of disbelief. For example, there was a book I read a long time ago (I don’t even remember the book’s title or what it was about), in which the author planted another of his own books on one of the character’s shelves. Immediately, I was yanked out of the world of the story and smack dab into my world, where the author may be real, but the character who owned his book sure wasn’t.

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