Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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By Janice Hardy 

How do you engage the reader and keep the pages turning? Conflict. We welcome back author and blogger Janice Hardy who shares her tips on creating the most important element of a story.

Great to have you back, Janice! 

Conflict is at the core of every novel–so much so that the plot revolves around the “core” conflict. Without conflict to drive a plot, scenes fall flat, fail to hook readers, and go nowhere.

But conflict isn’t always about fighting or putting the protagonist face to face with the antagonist. It’s just two things that happen to be at odds with each other. You want to go swimming, but you don’t want to get wet. You want to tell your best friend a secret, but you know she’s a terrible gossip. You want that new car, but you need to pay rent. Something is in the way of what you want and that issue has to be resolved before you can have it.

Because of the variety of conflicts available, creating conflict in your novel is easier than it looks. Simply put an obstacle in the way of what your protagonist wants to accomplish, either on a physical or an emotional level.

Here are seven ways to create conflict in your novel:

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