Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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Gathered for prayer
My family has spent the last few days gathered at my mom’s bedside. As a blessed child of God she has had both blessings and hardships, but throughout them all, she has always been faithful.

The five Lowry children
A few months short of her 87th birthday, this will probably be her last day with us. Is there anything I haven’t said that needs saying other than one last “I love you” and one last “thank you"? No. Is there one last kiss that needs to be given. Yes. Is there one last hand squeeze that needs to be made to convey my hope for her as she leaves this life and runs into the arms of our Lord. Yes.

A third of the clan . . .
She doesn’t know who I am now, and I wonder if I have become the person she hoped I would be when she held me in her arms after I was born. I wonder if I have brought her more smiles than tears, more laughs than screams, more pride than disappointment? I hope so. 

She won't read my next book. She won’t hear about the results of my next race. She won’t see pictures of my grandchildren scoring goals or dancing in recitals, but that’s okay. The drive, compassion, strength of character that flows in her veins, flows in mine, flows in my children's. She will live on in all of our lives because we are all part of each other.

Annie Lyle Poe Lowry is a very special lady. A true Southern lady with a South Carolina accent as sweet as sweet tea. We will miss you, Mom.


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