Friday, April 26, 2013

18 Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Rachelle Gardner @RachelleGardner

I was going to title this post, “3 Things Publishers Look for in a Book,” or maybe “3 Things Agents Look For.” But then I realized that the three keys of a successful book apply across the board. It doesn’t matter you’re using an agent, if you’re going through a publisher, or even if you’re self-publishing. There are some essentials that every writer needs to consider if they intend for their work to attract readers.

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If you missed my writing & marketing tweets and retweets yesterday, here they are again: 
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  9. Urban Inspiration: Discovering the Muse in Your City via Writing Forward
  10. Notes from Tabor Lane: Today's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts
  11. lot Control via @amberabardan
  12. Is Your Novel A Romance? #ASMSG via @DianneDHarman
  13. Branding: Too Match-y? via @Dreambeast7 RT @authorjmmadden
  14. Is it Alpha Behavior or Abuse? by Vonnie Davis via @VonnieWrites RT @disorderlywords
  15. Book Launch Tip: Name Refreshments After Characters in Your Novel via The BookBaby Blog
  16. Why Aren’t You Published – Part 1 via Lynnette Labelle
  17. 6 Tips On How To Read Critically via @woodwardkaren
  18. Making Your Story Believable with a Real Setting via Writers in the Storm Blog 

I’m always looking for great content to share. If you have a writing and/or marketing blog, or have a favorite that you visit often, please leave a link in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by.

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