Wednesday, April 24, 2013

18 Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By Jody Hedlund @JodyHedlund

I had a lot of great discussion in the comments of my recent post "WHEN Should Writers Get Critiques." I came to the conclusion that writers have a variety of experiences regarding critiques.

Some have gotten critiques on their very first manuscripts and found the feedbackhelpful in pushing them to grow in specific areas of their writing.

Others who got critiques very early in their careers found them devastating and suffered discouragement as a result.

The truth is, no matter WHEN we seek out critiques (whether beginner or multi-published), we open ourselves up to the possibility of harsh criticism.

I think part of the issue of whether we end up having a good critique experience depends upon the WHO of the partnership. In fact, in my recent post several commentors asked me the same question: How do you recruit a good critique partner? How is it best to start such a partnership so that we don't waste time with incompatible people? 

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