Tuesday, February 12, 2013

17 Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

Today, I hope you’ll visit the websites and follow the following authors on Twitter:
William Potter @WilliamPotter68
Veronica Sicoe @VeronicaSicoe
Evelyn Puerto @evelyn_puerto


If you missed my writing & marketing tweets and retweets yesterday, here they are again:
  1. Why You Need a Professional Editor http://ow.ly/hAeJg via Dave Bricker
  2. The Best Way to Build an Author Website http://ow.ly/hAeM3 via @bookmarketer
  3. Using Ebook Covers to Brand an Author Across Genres http://ow.ly/hAePm What are you doing to make your books fit your brand?
  4. Will Book Publishers Become Irrelevant? http://ow.ly/hAeVv
  5. 25 Hard Truths About Writing And Publishing http://ow.ly/hAf0i
  6. Why I’d Never Use Smashwords… Until Now http://ow.ly/hAf6E via @KristenEckstein
  7. How to Use Your Personal Facebook Profile as a Marketing Tool http://ow.ly/hAfhI via @Bookgal
  8. The Importance of Being Edited http://ow.ly/hAfrr via @selfpubreview
  9. All Things in Moderation - Even Writing Advice http://ow.ly/hAfEp
  10. 3 Ways To Find Readers For Your Books On Twitter: http://t.co/v9YG3Bsn @JonathanGunson RT @elizabethscraig
  11. Chapter Two: Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing: Speed http://ow.ly/hBAil via Dean Wesley Smith
  12. How To Write More And Create A Daily Writing Habit http://ow.ly/hBAus via @thecreativepenn
  13. 17 Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts http://ow.ly/hBBvK
  14. Why People Love Stories about First Love http://ow.ly/hBCA3 via @write_practice
  15. A Gerund Is a Verb and a Noun in One http://ow.ly/hBCGD via Daily Writing Tips
  16. How to build a storyworld based on character http://ow.ly/hBDib via @veronicasicoe
  17. How To Stick To Your Goals http://ow.ly/hBDCg  via @veronicaSicoe

I’m always looking for great content to share. If you have a writing and/or marketing blog, or have a favorite that you visit often, please leave a link in the comment section. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy writing & running, Kathy

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