Thursday, April 5, 2012

Learning Something New - Create A Slideshow

At the top of my daily schedule is “Learn Something New Today.” Yesterday, I learned two things! See the slideshow on the right hand side with pictures from Saturday’s race? That took about an hour to create. Here are the instructions if you’d like to do one for your blog.

1.     Upload pictures to Picasa Web Albums
2.     Click on My Photos
3.     Click on the album you want to add to your blog
4.     On the right hand side click “link to this album”
5.     Click embed slideshow
6.     Copy the computer gibberish in the yellow box
7.     Go to your blog
8.      Click Design
9.      Click Layout
10.   Click add a Gadget
11.   Click on HTML/Java Script
12.   Paste the computer gibberish in the content box
13.   Click Save
Send me a link if you do this. I'd love to see your pictures. 
The other thing I learned was how to add links to my Outlook signature. I love the way my friend Taryn Raye did hers. Instead of, I now have Website. Short and sweet. I did the same thing with links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 
Here’s how to do that:
1.     In Outlook 2010, open a new message and click “Signatures”
2.     Click the hyperlink icon
3.     Enter the web address and type whatever you want in the text box
4.     Add more hyperlinks then click OK
5.     If you want to add a jpeg of your cover, copy and paste the graphic wherever you want it in your signature  Here's what my signature looks like.

Two new things and two speedy miles. I love my new Newton Running shoes, by the way. My pace continues to improve and for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to concentrate on speed instead of distance, which is exactly what I need to do with The Last MacKlenna. I can't edit the story if there aren't any words on the page. 
Here's my favorite running song that really gets me rolling . . .

Happy writing and running, Kathy


Taryn Raye said...

Very cool. Glad I could inspire you with your signature. ;) I'll have to keep the slideshow video making with Picasa in mind if I ever need to make one myself.

LOVE Adele!

Unknown said...

I've downloaded Adele's entire album to listen to while running. She's incredible and really gets my legs going.