Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Growing Closer to Who We Are Meant to Be

Today is my birthday! After such a fantastic weekend, it’s sort of a non-day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to be having another one, but the hype and hooey can’t compare to Saturday’s. It’s not every day you publish a book and run a race.

I got this virtual card from my sister. If I’ve been growing closer every year, then goodness gracious, at 62 I should be almost there!

We all think we’re going to live until a ripe old age, but that doesn’t always happen. I keep thinking I’ll have 25 more years to write and run. That will get me to my mom’s age. But there are no guarantees, even if I stay active and healthy.

So what’s a girl to do to grow closer to the person I’m meant to be?
Run faster!
In my new Newton shoes, that’s certainly possible.
Ernie sent me a training schedule to get ready for the Air Force Marathon. Prior to Memorial Weekend, he suggested I run 23-25 miles a week. That’s doable. Check out this training schedule:

If I’m not the best version of me by September 15, then running isn't going to get me there.
I made a list yesterday of 51 reviewers who meet the criteria I established: review time travels, romance, and self-pub'd books. Today, I’ll research their websites and start sending emails. All 51 may not be a good fit. We’ll see.  
Next on the list is designing a writing schedule that will get me to the end of The Last MacKlenna within the next two months. Actually, it has an ending. It’s the 100 pages leading to the ending that need to be rewritten.
The schedules are done, the work begins. 
Happy writing and running . . . and marketing! Kathy

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