Monday, May 23, 2016

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By:  Annarose McLaughlin

What's the secret to successful book marketing? Getting in front of the largest number of readers who are most likely to be interested in your titles! With the launch of Goodreads Deals in the U.S., we’re now offering authors and publishers a new way to amplify ebook price promotions to our millions of members. The Goodreads Deals program comes with built-in personalization options based on members' Want to Read shelves, the authors they follow, and the genres they prefer—all designed to help your deals reach the readers with the highest interest in buying your books.

Goodreads Deals is unique because we'll enable you to reach existing fans andintroduce your ebooks to new readers: 
  • Existing Fans: Every second, our members add 6 books to their Want to Read shelves—that's 15 million books per month that have captured the interest of readers. With Goodreads Deals, you can now tap into that interest. We'll email members when a book on their Want to Read shelf has a price promotion. We'll also email any members who follow the author on Goodreads.
  • Prospective Readers: At the same time, members can choose to receive even more deals by opting in to daily emails featuring books in the genres they prefer. For many of our members, their hunger for books often outpaces their wallets, and they are interested in hearing about price promotions that will help them read more books. With Goodreads Deals, you can drive discovery and sales of your ebook with a broader reader base in your genre.

Finding out about book deals has been a popular request from our members. Many of them are avid readers who don't want to miss great deals on quality books that fit their taste, but don't have time or energy to be constantly shopping around. They have asked us to alert them when a book on their Want to Read shelf goes on sale; we’re excited to tell them that now we can!

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