Friday, March 4, 2016

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By: Janice Hardy

Writing is a lot of fun, but sometimes it can turn into an obsession. It's perfectly normal to have bad days (or even a bad month) where we feel like we're wasting time or getting nowhere. It's even normal to chuck the whole writing idea and ignore it for a while. But don't let the quest for publication turn you bitter. Aside from it not being healthy emotionally, it can actually hurt the writing.

I Love This Story So Much
Everything in moderation is more than a cliche, it's a good rule to live--and write--by. By our natures, writers tend to be solitary, hanging out with imaginary people and immersing ourselves in our own worlds. It's good for us to get out and see this "life" thing we write about all the time. And when we don't? Well, here are a few things that have sabotaged more than a few writers.

Let Me Tell Your About My Book
It's all you think about, so it's all you talk about. Every day, all the time. Aside from potentially annoying friends and family, if you never actually write the book, you'll never get anywhere with it. You can't sell ideas to a publisher, you need the words that explore those ideas. Sit down and start writing.

No, Wait! It's Not Ready Yet
You have a book, but you keep fiddling with it, revising every line, rethinking every plot. You're so worried about making it perfect you never "finish" it. If you want to sell a novel, you have to send it out. If all you're doing is tweaking a word here and there, you're ready. Send it out and start the next novel.

My Book Rocks

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