Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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By: C. S. Lakin

If you yearn for success as an author, you need to take note.

Did you know that over four thousand books are self-published each day?

You can imagine how hard it is to have your book rise to the top of the pile.

Writers face a daunting challenge: discoverability.

Most books sell fewer than a hundred copies—ever.

So how can you give your book—whether fiction or nonfiction—a fighting chance?

The best way to sell books is to target genre.

What does this mean?

It means adjusting what you write or how you categorize what you write so that it neatly fits a slot; a slot that is clearly identifiable in the book publishing world.

I’ll explain why that’s important, but first let’s talk about genre.

What is Genre?

It’s a way to classify the type of book you are writing.

Since most authors achieve their greatest sales from Amazon, we’re going to look at how Amazon defines your books. (Other online venues use similar methods, so what works for Amazon generally carries over to other sites as well.)

Amazon uses the terms categories and subcategories. But it’s all genre—a way to define your book so that potential customers can find it.

Classifying your novel in a specific genre means you are targeting it to specific customers or readers who are looking for that kind of book to buy.

So it’s important to be able to not just state what genre your novel fits—but also to write to that audience, publishing a book that meets reader expectations.

BISAC Categories

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