Thursday, January 21, 2016

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By: Fiona McLaren

I wanted to look at character perceptions in settings this week and how we can use them to our advantage as an author. How your individual character interprets the world around them will showcase not only their personality, but the core parts of their character, their history and backstory, their likes and dislikes. In short, it will show the reader the unique parts of who your characters is and why they see the world the way they do.

So, the easiest way to go about this that I can think of is by example. I'm going to give you an image of a very basic scene. And then I'm going to give an example of how 3 different characters would/could interpret this setting. So here goes...

Three characters:
  • An old, ex-military general who has served around the world on the front lines
  • A green-thumb mid-forties housewife
  • A teenage college student who studies history and babysits at the weekends
So how could each of these characters interpret this scene differently?

Well, let's look at our military general first:

. . .

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