Sunday, January 31, 2016

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By: Kimberley Grabas

Marketing is not a simple task.

It extends far beyond basic tips, tactics and hurriedly outlined strategies on the back of a napkin – if you expect results.

In today’s world of rapidly evolving digital media, an author’s book marketing strategy requires clear career objectives and goals, an understanding of what’s working right now (and what’s on track to pay dividends in the future), and some smart planning to tie it all together.

So, to help guide the development of your book marketing strategy, here’s a list of seven relevant (and significant) marketing trends that should not be overlooked.

#1. Relationship Marketing

With relationship marketing, the emphasis is on reader loyalty and longer-term engagement and interaction, rather than simply the one-time sale.

Your goal is to personalize the experience for each reader by factoring in your readers’ preferences, and by providing enriched, meaningful and useful content that solves their problem or satisfies a desire.

Personality, trust, openness, transparency, relevance and participation all come into play in relationship marketing. Exclusive content and connecting with people in the language they understand best, helps make your reader feel connected and unique.

Storytelling also plays an important role. Good stories are remembered and connect with an audience on an emotional level. Those that are tailored to (or involve your readers), while still sharing your story and narrative, are the most impactful.

Actionable Marketing Tip:

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