Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Kate Foster

Overwhelmed by fiction-writing advice? Me too, and I’m an editor as well as a writer. Everyone and anyone who has a blog or website seems to be keen on throwing in their penny’s worth. A lot of it is genuinely good advice. But what works for them won’t necessarily be right for you.

Want proof? Here, in these six sentences, I’ve broken numerous ‘rules’ that would make grammar lovers wince. I’m not concerned, however, because this article is fairly informal in tone and what’s most important to me is that my voice shines through.

So with this opening paragraph, I give you my fiction-writing rules.

Number One: First and foremost, let your voice carry your writing.

The following rules are based on recurring problems I see whilst editing fiction manuscripts.

Rule Number Two: Always move the plot forward.

Flashbacks or trips into the past might be frowned upon by many, but I believe they are fine if revisiting a character’s history in some way progresses your plot. Otherwise, don’t bother filling the reader in on what happened before the character got to this point in time. If it has zero relevance, cut the scene. And leading perfectly on from here…

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