Friday, August 14, 2015

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By: MJ Bush

Is there anything about your character that you don’t know?

I don’t mean insignificant things like favorite food or what’s on his bedroom floor, which—I know—might be one and the same. There is an (occasionally helpful) trace of personality there, but no real substance.

Those things aren’t him.

Imagine your character walking down the street. A normal street, a normal day. Does he swagger or cavort or stroll or stride? (Tell me in the comments!)

It’s the difference between going through someone’s stuff and meeting them. One is simply more effective, especially when you know what you’re looking for.

Your character’s walk is a clue to his personality, his presence. But it’s just one small piece, no matter how real.

The fullness of personality still awaits.

You want to know your character like he’s standing in front of you pouring his heart out, discussing his next move, or giving you a piece of his mind. Yes. That. Please.

Unfortunately, for most writers it’s easier said than done.

Even me. There was a time that I would work with a character’s fear and desire and inner conflict, and I would end up feeling like I was looking at a cartoon made of words. I had the head and the heart, but not the spirit.

As wonderful as the cornerstones and pillars are, they’re story-centric. Though they’re essential to writing a compelling story, they give a mere outline of the psyche.

So we need to define what rounds out a character so that you can identify the areas needing attention.

Overview coming right up.

5 Dimensions of Personality

. . .

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