Monday, June 15, 2015

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By: Toby Neal

Box sets are a thing with the weather warming and people loading up on beach reads. I have been asked to put my books in a boxed set numerous times and declined for various reasons, but I finally decided to try it, putting my romantic suspense standalone Stolen In Paradise in a set of ten novels we called Passion and Danger.

Things to consider when deciding to put your book in a box set with other authors:

Have a clear goal

Having a target objective is an important part of deciding to join a box set, so consider yours. The objective of our group was to get onto one of the big bestseller lists—USA Today, etc. I had never gone after this before, choosing instead to focus my sales efforts on Amazon, so this goal appealed to me as a milestone to achieve. Other common goals include raising money for a cause (we did that too, also appealing) exposing your work to readers who wouldn’t otherwise find it, building relationships/sharing readerships, and just plain sales when there might have been few.

Have a solid group leader

In our situation, Kim Hornsby recruited us to the project and was an unflagging source of enthusiasm, promotion ideas, cheerleading, and putting out a ton of advertising money and effort herself, thus motivating us.

Have a healthy budget to meet your aim

We each contributed a small amount for advertising, and seriously underestimated the cost of the blitz of PR necessary to break onto the big lists. We weren’t able to achieve our goal, at least in part for lack of funding and a ton of competition in the same genre. Live and learn!

Share responsibilities, have equal participation, and spell this out in advance

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