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By:  Wise Ink Creative Publishing

In the wake of self-publishing’s meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years, there have been plenty of misunderstandings about the industry. Let’s tackle five of the most common myths about self-publishing:

Myth #1: Self-publishing is for people who have no talent

What do Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, and Jane Austen all have in common?

Okay, so there are a lot of things: bestselling fiction works, critical acclaim, really cool names. But one you may not have known is that they all decided to self-publish at one point or another. Each had their own reason: Hemingway was an unknown author, Woolf wanted more creative control, Austen’s publisher was taking too long to go to print. For more on famous authors who self-published, check out this post.

Myth #2: Self published = low quality production

It is definitely possible for a writer to proofread their own book, or to make their own cover that showcases their rudimentary Photoshop skills. Some authors choose to go this route, and although it can save some money, most of these books are of a noticeably lower quality than their traditionally published counterparts.

However, many indie presses release books that are indistinguishable from anything out of Penguin Random House, minus the cute orange logo. Just because a book is self-published doesn’t mean that it or the team that assembled it are not professionals.

Myth #3: Self-publishing presses have no standards

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