Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Wise Ink

Just like the actual writing of a book, pricing is part art and part science. There is an uncountable multitude of influences that go into finding the perfect price for your book, but we’ve compiled seven of the most important factors here for you.

1. Figure out your goals

Some authors see their books as businesses. These “authorpreneurs,” as we like to call them, put an investment into their work, and they want to get the biggest return on investment possible. They should price their books like any other profit-driven business would price an item.

Some authors just want as many people to read and love their books as possible.These authors are fine with not making any money—or even losing money—as long as they get to tell their stories. These authors will give their books away for a pittance or for free.

Most of us authors are somewhere between the two. If we wanted a good investment, we’d throw our money at Google. But we’d also like to skirt bankruptcy, if at all possible. Where you fall on this spectrum is one of the most important factors in pricing your book.

2. Charm Pricing

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