Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Kimberley Grabas

Writing your book is enough of a challenge.

Many of us have sat staring miserably at a blank screen, cursor winking mockingly, trying desperately to pull our thoughts together to form a sentence.

And then (hopefully) another.

It’s rarely easy, and even on good days when your Muse is with you, there’s still that niggling self-doubt to contend with.

I have nothing to say.

And even if I did, who’s going to listen?

But if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you also need to consistently craft mind-blowing blog content to grow your audience – while you write your book.

… Ugh.

So, the big question is this:

“What’s the most effective, most efficient way to regularly conceive and produce high-quality posts that attract more readers?”

Because you do have something to say. Your ideas are worth sharing. And people will listen.

You just need a little guidance on how to focus your creative super powers to get the job done.

How to Decide What to Blog About

. . .

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Happy writing and running, Kathy

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