Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Heather Hart

One of my favorite tools for authors is mind mapping.


Mind maps are a great way to organize your thoughts, but they can also be condensed so they aren’t overwhelming. No other outlining system offers the visual representation you can get from a mind map, and they have become an essential part of outlining my books.

Check out this video where I show you 3 of my favorite mind maps for outlining:

Read the full article HERE!

Here's my mindmap (so far) of THE EMERALD BROOCH. This is a great way to throw out ideas and see where they go, and you don't have to worry about running out of paper. This is a work-in-progress:


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Happy writing and running, Kathy 

P.S. Looking at this map of states I've visited, my next book will have to take place in the north or southwest. I'd love to be able to check off all the states one day! 

I marked off the swath of states (Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, and the bottom tip of Washington) many years ago researching the Oregon Trail for THE RUBY BROOCH. I'd already been to Kansas and Missouri. I lived in Lawrence for two years. Loved it! 

Visits to California were made researching the wine country for THE LAST MACKLENNA. The northeastern states were checked off during my daughter's high school dance competition years. And the southern states, well, I've lived in Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina. The rest I visited during vacations. 

I hope wherever you are, in whatever part of the world, that you have clear skies today. Bitter temps are easier to tolerate when the sun's out. 

Create Your Own Visited States Map

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