Saturday, December 20, 2014

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By: C. Hope Clark

In real life, hearing someone’s voice brings instant judgment in our inherent need to sift through what’s safe or dangerous, what’s fun or a hazard, what’s pleasing or disturbing. Regardless of how PC we try to be, we have an instinct that tells us to be wary before determining if this person is someone we trust.

Voice is distinct for a reason. Mother Nature, God, or whoever you give credit to creation, gave us all these senses to protect ourselves, but sometimes we underestimate the power of voice. We are often judged by voice.

As writers, we interpret voice in an assortment of ways the average person does not. As readers, we want voices to diversify but don’t want the distinction thrown in our face. Let’s look at the five lessons we can learn this week using the word VOICE.

Voice of the writer . . .

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