Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Janice Hardy, @JaniceHardy

When you think about it, writing is a pretty amazing thing. Ten writers can use the same ten words and create completely different sentences. They can use them to evoke a myriad of emotions from joyous to terrified, and bring a reader to tears as well as laughter.

What words we choose matter. A single edit can change how a reader interprets our work, and knowing that, we can put them in the right mindset for the story. 

1. Be Suggestive

There have been a slew of movies, TV shows, and Vegas acts that have the hero--usually some type of con man--setting up a "mark" (the victim) to think or respond a certain way. They use subliminal clues to suggest what they want the mark to think or say. Drop enough clues with the numbers 3 and 6 in front of someone, then ask them to pick a number between ten and forty, and you'll get a lot of 36s.

This works in fiction. 

If you want the reader to get an idea in their head but don't want to bash them over the head with it, plant a few suggestive clues. . .

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