Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Rachel Kent

We are well into the holiday season already! Wow. I’m still shocked that it is December and we have 20 days until Christmas! The holidays are a time to refresh and recharge before we all jump into the new year, yet many of us still need to reach some work-related goals during Christmas break. How do you go about doing this while still focusing on family and also on God, who’s amazing love is the cause for all of the celebration?

I have a few tips for you, and I’d love to hear how you have successfully balanced writing and family during the holidays, too.

1) Don’t neglect a deadline because of the holidays. Set aside a time each week, whether it be Mondays and Tuesdays or 8 a.m.-noon each day to write and reach your goals. If you have a designated time for writing, you will be able to designate time for your family as well.  You will also still be able to make that deadline.

2) Tell your family and friends ahead of time which days you are free. . . 

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