Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: James Scott Bell

Many folks, including your humble correspondent, feel that this is by far the best time on earth to be a writer. In the distant past (you know, before 2007) precious few scribes were ever able to eke out a reasonable living from scribbling alone.

That’s all changed.

Every month more writers are added to the roster of those making enough lettuce to consider leaving their day jobs. But even short of that, many more are making a side income that is significant and steadily growing.

I love this! I love it that more writers can now earn a fair, merit–based return on what they write.

Today, let’s forget about the prognostications, vitriol, cries of doom, and hand-wringing over the future of culture in general and publishing in particular. Today I want to talk about being a professional writer.

For two decades now I’ve studied, analyzed, and practiced what works in this arena. I have determined that writers who make it almost always share these seven characteristics:

1. Love

An inner fire to make it as a writer will get you through years of cold reality. I suspect that the majority of writers who make it to full-time status love what they do. Writing is a part of them, a calling as well as a vocation.

It’s certainly possible to write out of sheer business-mindedness (I think, however, that this is much easier when you write non-fiction). Yet there’s a certain something that gets translated to the page by the writer who loves the work. I believe you can write what you love and, if you do so with the other characteristics listed below, earn a fair return.

2. Discipline
. . .

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Happy writing and running, Kathy

P.S. I had foot surgery last Thursday and won’t be running for a few months, so those of you writing and running, run a few miles for me! 

I'm facing 6-8 weeks non-weight bearing, followed by 6-8 weeks in a walking boot.  If I get released (ha!) by mid-February, I'll have two and a half months to get ready for the Flying Pig Half Marathon the first of May. I might have to settle for the 10K, but even that would be an accomplishment.  

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