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Writers tend to be split in their feelings about research with some enjoying it and others dreading it. Almost every writer will need to do at least a little research from time to time, but there are a number of methods available to get the information that you need.

Not every novel requires research. However, at some point, you will probably find yourself needing to do at least a little bit of research. If you are writing about a time or place that is not your own, if your character has a profession that you know little about that is key to the story or if you are writing about a particular group of people with whom you are unfamiliar, you may need to research more extensively.

Research does not have to be a time-consuming chore. In fact, an important principle of research is that you should only do as much as you need. Getting bogged down in research or substituting research for writing as a method of procrastination are not uncommon pitfalls for writers. The methods below can help you do the research that you need efficiently and effectively.

Make friends with librarians

In an age where the first place many people turn to for research is the Internet, brick-and-mortar libraries and librarians themselves are often overlooked as excellent sources of information. However, librarians can be far better than Google…

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