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Finding a cure for breast cancer is very near and dear to my heart. While writing THE LAST MACKLENNA, a romantic suspense (the heroine has breast cancer), all three of my sisters-in-law battled the disease. We lost Sally after a twelve-year battle. If you have a local race, I hope you'll add your support to its efforts.  

By: MJ Bush

Have you ever wept while reading?


I would bet — dollars to donuts — that you empathized with a desire.

Your innate sense of justice screamed for things to be set right, aligning with the character’s desire.

An impossible situation hit too close to home.

Or maybe pity welled up at the character’s desire for a need to be met.

Even tears of shame have a root in desire, the desire to be better, to be more deserving, or to be different than we are.

Fear makes us cringe and jump. Anger makes us grit our teeth, and if there are tears involved, they most certainly aren’t wept.

A desire can trigger both tears of despair and tears of joy. Usually in that order. Tweet it

Empathy, resonance, connection… Desire creates them.

But it can be derailed if you don’t choose well and handle it with care.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Finding a Desire that Resonates

There are a couple factors that play into resonance. You don’t need to meet every one of them, although when more are met it’s stronger. Here we go: 

. . .

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