Sunday, September 28, 2014

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By: Writers Write

So often setting is overlooked by writers, when in fact it’s a wonderful colour to add to your storytelling palette. 

Environment shapes character, informs plot and adds mood to your story. From the moral and religious background of your characters, to changing morals and weather, all of these form a crucible to forge out your narrative.

1. Plot

A blinding snow storm can hamper a search for a missing child. A long-held belief could prevent a woman from signing a medical release that could save her husband’s life. An impoverished country’s lack of infrastructure could help the spread of a deadly virus. You just have to scan the news to see how the world we live in changes radically every day—these changes could spark a topical new story.

Try this: Put your characters in a car going to a wedding. List at least 10 obstacles that could stop the car from reaching its destination.

2. Character

. . .

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