Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Tom Rogers

Churchill (or Shaw, or Wilde, depending on whom you ask) famously described England and America as “Two nations separated by a common language.” The same can often be said of writers and artists – united in our love of storytelling but frequently unable to communicate across the pond that separates the verbal and the visual.

I’ve been a screenwriter of animated movies for nearly twenty years and work with storyboard artists on a daily basis. (If you’ve never seen a storyboard, it’s essentially a comic-book panel that tells a small moment of the story.) We don’t always see eye to eye. (Want to drive a storyboard artist crazy? Write, “An epic battle ensues.”) They fall in love with their cool visuals the same way we fall in love with our scintillating dialogue.

But when it works, it’s thrilling: I can spend a paragraph trying to describe how a character projects an aura of power; an artist can draw him looming over us and say it all in one shot.

That’s the kind of visceral punch you want from your book cover.

How to Talk to Cover Designers

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