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By Judy Probus (@JudyProbus)

Designing a book cover can be daunting task. Where to start? How to make it look good? What not to do? We (The Book Designer) often address issues on this topic in the comments of our monthly e-Book Cover Design Awards. In today’s post, author Judy Probus offers her advice on how to tackle the task.


So, you survived the gauntlet of rewrites, the flood of red ink your editor poured on your pages, and countless sleepless nights you spent worrying about how to tie the story together. Finally, you put the last period at the end of your tale’s final sentence with a heavy sigh and a hopeful cheer. Congrats! You have a manuscript.

But, if you are an independent author, the journey has only just begun.

Buckle up and blast off into another realm on your book journey because, like every newborn baby, your new manuscript is buck-naked. Your next destination: the world of book cover creation.

Every reputable book has a cover. Paperback and hardback books have front and back covers. E-books are a little more manageable – they only requirefront covers. The good news is that a Starfleet of artists wait with pens, paintbrushes and computer mice in hand to join you on your quest to make a cover that is every bit as good as the story it protects.

Whether we like it or not, readers do judge books by their covers; therefore, all of your hard work is on the line when going through this part of your self-publishing journey. Do NOT take this step lightly.

It’s up to you to pull together a team that will create a captivating, dynamic piece of art that will encourage prospective readers to pick up your book and give it a chance.

So, what are some ways to ensure your cover will pop instead of sizzle? Here are my five keys to book cover success:

  1. Front-load the work

. . .

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