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I was at my daughter’s house over the weekend to watch my grandchildren's soccer and baseball games and to run the Flying Pig Half-Marathon on Sunday. It’s a great race with fantastic crowd support (Elvis was there!) and the hills are definitely manageable. If you’re looking for a spring race to add to your calendar in 2015, check out the Flying Pig.

By: Laurie Schnebly Campbell

We’ve all heard about people who had fun coming up with some characters and then, on a whim, sent their work to a pro who cried “Best publishing idea of the decade! Do you want your million-dollar advance in cash or by check?”

We’ve also heard about people who toiled for years on the book of their heart and then, supported by friends or keeping it all a secret, sent their work to a pro who cried “What were you thinking? This is horrendous; it’s utter garbage


Then there are writers who, faced with stories like those, decide that querying is such a long shot — with no possible outcome except for fabulous triumph or humiliating disaster — they’d better not even try it.

Which is always an option in today’s market, where nobody needs a traditional publisher to get their book listed on Amazon. Sure, they might need someone to look over the contract when a hot new indie producer asks to buy the movie rights, but there’s no point worrying about a query YET.

And yet.

Writers who want an agent or publisher in their corner, offering advice and advances and other perks of doing business with professionals, still need to come up with a query.


. . .

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