Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Larry Brooks @storyfix

Coaching the writing voice — the narrative tone and style and essences that become the telling of the story in sentences and paragraphs and scenes and chapters — is the toughest realm of “talent” to access.   And for many, to improve upon.

Thing is, sometimes it’s that very thing – your voice – that is standing in your way.

It’s like coaching a singer to carry a better tune. 

Writing voice is an ear thing, a sensibility.  It is something that comes naturally, and from there is honed and tuned in context to the evolution not only of what you need to get onto the page,  but what you are drawn to as a reader, as well.

What may seem like your natural “voice” may not be your ticket, after all.

The ultimate goal of working on your voice is, like the singer, a more appropriate tone and style and musicality for the performance.  The singer has to get it at some point, no matter what the teaching tries to convey.

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