Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

If you’re a self-publishing author, you have some important choices to make. In this blog series, we are discussing the pros and cons to help you with the most important decisions you’ll need to know about:

How authors can market their books online without technical skills?

In any group of self-publishing authors, this is always the big question. Here are five great ideas we have talked about in the past and links to our posts that explored the marketing tools in detail.
  1. Create a marketing plan. Like any business venture, selling books benefits from a good plan. Our post Self-Publishing a Book: 7 Things You’ll Need for Your Marketing Plan will help you develop one.
  2.  . . . 

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If you missed my writing & marketing tweets and retweets yesterday, here they are again:
  1. Try BookDaily And Get In The Game! | Molly Greene: Writer
  2. Author Janice Hardy Talks About the Importance of “Planning” | Marti Ink
  3. How to Use Foreign Languages (Real or Imaginary) in Your Novel:  @JulietteWade
  4. The Roses of Prose: 5 Keys to Surviving A Successful Revision by Amber Leigh Williams
  5. How to Create a Successful Business Blog | Social Media Examiner
  6. Three Booksellers on the Bookshop of the Future | The Passive Voice |
  7. Important Choices for Self-Publishing Authors, Part 4 - BLOG - Stories To Tell Books
  8. Pinterest Sells! Here's How to Do It - infographic ~ Digital Information World
  9. Email List Building Series (Part 2): Create a Sign Up Incentive That Knocks Their Socks Off | Your Writer Platform
  10. How to Emotionally Move your Readers
  11. Your Calling Doesn't Always Look Like You Think It Should | Goins, Writer
  12. Writing & Money: A Brief Syllabus | Jane Friedman
  13. Seriously Write: Three Ingredients of Creativity in Successful Writing By Rebecca Barlow Jordan
  14. Literary Agents are Still a Good Idea . . . Sometimes - The Fictorians
  15. Smashing The Fiction Writing Bottleneck | Advanced Fiction Writing
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