Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday: "I Remember When . . ."

I took a break from social media yesterday to attend my granddaughter’s dance recital. Two generations blurred together as I watched Meredith dance and could see so much of her mother in her moves and expressions. Where did time go? 

Check back tomorrow for more links, but for today, here’s an interesting post on reviewing.

By: Laura M. Brown (Huff Post Books)

Book reviewing used to be the purview of the elite. Now, thanks to the Internet, everyone's a critic. Your online book reviews can make a real difference: people almost always scan the reviews of a book before they make a purchase decision, and your insights can be a big help.

We're all familiar with the rant review--the one that either adores or despises the book. Writing a balanced review is more difficult, but it's also more helpful to your fellow readers. As you brainstorm, think from your readers' point of view. What information would be most useful to them? What do you wish you had known about this book before you read it?

These dos and don'ts can help.

Read the full article HERE!

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