Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday's Links to Writing & Marketing Blog Posts

By: Jeff Bullas

Humans are extremely visual.

We experience life visually and the role of photos, images and videos in our life is evidenced by the sheer quantity (250 million a day) of photos of friends, family and cute dogs that are uploaded to Facebook every day .

I remember returning from the annual summer holidays and my father would invite all our friends over to view the photos and videos that he had taken on the yearly trip.

The visual record of the trip was a vital part of the the sharing of the stories and experiences that had occurred in our family travels.

Photos are highly engaging and the rise of Pinterest to become the 60th most visited site in the US last month provides more data to verify the attractiveness of beautiful images on this visual pinboard social media network site.

So Who is Using Pinterest?

Well according to the numbers it appears that women are the largest participants at 87%.

  • Females 25-34 – 27%
  • Females 35-44 – 29%
  • Females 45-54 – 24%
So I would suggest to the males who read this blog that if they want to to hang out with smart, intelligent and attractive women then they need to look no further than Pinterest!

How Engaging is Pinterest?

. . .

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Happy writing and running, Kathy

Marketer's Guide To Pinterest: Pin It To Win It [infographic by MDG Advertising]
Infographic by MDG Advertising

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