Thursday, February 6, 2014

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By: Joel Friedlander

A blog tour as many of you know, is a marketing strategy frequently used by self-published authors when launching new books. Although they can be quite effective as a promotional tool, it can be very time consuming for authors to reach out to other bloggers and organize a blog tour. Today, Greg Strandberg tells us about blog tour sites that can assist authors with organizing their blog tours.

Have you ever released a book and had no sales? I’m not talking that day or even that week, but a month or even months later.

It’s frustrating, and all it seems you can do is watch that Amazon ranking sink lower each day. Well, actually you can’t – you have to have at least one sale to even rank!

Thankfully there’s something you can do about it. While many eBook promotion sites require you to have a handful of reviews for your book, blog tours don’t. For those with titles that haven’t had a single sale, this is great.

So what are blog tours? Well, they’re kind of what Joel does here each month with the eBook Cover Design Awards – a website showcasing your book.

The main difference between blog tours and this site is that you’ll have to pay for blog tours, but you’ll usually get your book in front of targeted readers for your genre.

Of course each service is different, and a blog post, cover reveal or author interview won’t necessarily send you shooting up Amazon’s charts, but it could get you some visibility. And considering someone has to see your book 7 to 8 times before they buy it, this is a good thing.

So what are these wondrous blog tour sites? Hang on, we’re about to take a whirlwind tour of 7 great blog tour sites!

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