Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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By: Peter Damien

According to a much-discussed survey, the average American adult reads about four books a year. It’s a depressingly low figure – and also one that I don’t attach much weight to – but I’ve always enjoyed that it makes me look really impressive. I read roughly 80 books a year. I always thought that was a pretty big number and I was proud of it.
That was until a few days ago, when I read an article by BookRiot’s own Liberty Hardy about her fascinating book-people-matching service. In the article, she casually mentions that she reads 200-300 books a year.
Cripes. What. I can’t even…
The odds of me ever managing to read that much are pretty slim, unless I find a way to stick my index finger on a book and absorb its contents, like Mork with a glass of orange juice. But I have recently been thinking about ways of accelerating my own reading nonetheless, and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share them.
(None of this is about speed-reading, by the way. I like the idea of speed reading, but I think skimming through books like that is kind of the pits.)
Don’t Do All Your Reading in Bed
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