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The Ruby Brooch (Time Travel Romance) & The Last MacKlenna Recent Reviews

The Ruby Brooch: 173 Total Amazon Reviews of which 114 are 5-stars
The Last MacKlenna: 57 Total Amazon Reviews of which 41 are 5-stars
 the ruby brooch January 16, 2014
Well this is a well thought out book and the main theme is compelliing. I have read al of Katherine Logans books and would highly recommend this book. Lovely writting with a wonderful will want to read more of her books,
New! Jana Smith reviewed The Last MacKlenna
 Great read! January 16, 2014
I really liked the story and the characters, especially the characters surrounding Elliott and Meredith. Looking forward to the next book.
  Great Book January 12, 2014
Very much enjoyed this book.....from beginning to end. Just the right amount of romance thrown in with historical adventure. I was so excited when I finished this book to discover that the second book from this series had just been released ("The Last Macklenna") that I loved even more than the first! Can't wait for the next two to come out. Kathlerine Lowry Logan is definitely a new favourite author of mine.
  Nice January 12, 2014
Good sequel the characters are brought to life and tug at your heart. Hard to put down and leaves you wanting more.
 Breathtaking January 10, 2014
I first read The Ruby Brooch and I was enthralled. Such a beautiful story so I look on Amazon for more books by Katherine Lowry Logan. The Last MacKlenna is a beautiful complement to The Ruby Brooch. I can't wait for the next one in the series.
  A real winner!! January 9, 2014
Beautiful story with plenty of intrigue, action and love. It's so beautifully written. I can't wait to read the next one in the series.
 Imaginative and Delightful January 7, 2014
This story is truly what it says it is, a delightful romance and interesting time travel adventure. There are some nice surprises. The character development and plot are decent but I think could be more fully developed. However, for an enjoyable fast read I do recommend this book as the story moves along nicely and it is a quite good first novel. I will read this author's next story as well.
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  Not my kind of book January 6, 2014
I didn't finish this because I couldn't muddle through. The story was not great and the dialogue was something I would expect to read in a teen novel. I love the Outlander series, but this doesn't even begin to come close to that. I did read Monique Martin's Out of Time (#1), and found that book to be of much higher sophistication and quality than The Ruby Brooch.
 A great read! January 6, 2014
I love the time travel aspect of this book that takes you back to a time we never knew! a great story that I really enjoyed reading!
  I like it January 5, 2014
4.5 stars. Interesting contemporary presentation of time travel that did not include fantastical characters or creatures. A great love story and like all art forms you either like it or you don't. I like the Last MacKlenna series
 Good read January 2, 2014
Really enjoyed this book. I'm glad that there will be another. Found too many blanks although I enjoyed the story.
  Awesome book January 2, 2014
I loved The Ruby Brooch and was excited to learn more books were coming. This one didn't disappoint. It was nice to learn more about Elliott.

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